Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grandaddy Basin Backpacking Trip

I need to spend 5 minutes writing about my trip right this moment before it becomes a sudden blur and I cant remember which pictures are of which lakes, or how I felt, or what we ate, or where we wandered... you get my drift. My sweet husband surprised me with a backpack of my own for our anniversary, and a planned trip for this last week. It FINALLY arrived! We left thursday morning and headed up Parley's canyon for Grandaddy Basin. I almost immediately felt like my pack was going to be too heavy, but what could I do? I couldnt ask Josh to carry any more weight as I knew he was already doing so. So I toughed it out. We hiked for up the mountain for about 2 hours, and sat for lunch at the pass between two mountains. I knew then that I would never regret such an incredible, but difficult (physically) trip. Our view for lunch was Hart Lake, as well as Grandaddy lake. Josh was incredibly well planned with our meals, snacks, maps,..everything. We had tuna and crackers, trail mix..water. We started our hike again, this time, thankfully, down hill, towards Grandaddy Lake. It was beautiful. We settled just on the other side of Grandaddy Lake near Betsy Lake. We set up camp, and went exploring. We walked entirely around Betsy Lake, and wandered down around Grandaddy Lake. Josh was amazing. Did I already mention that? We spent some of the afternoon snuggled up in the tent, and the evening exploring. It was very cloudy the first night, so no stars... I woke up the next morning to hot chocolote, and breakfast, and we headed out early. We wandered the route toward Fish Hatchery Lake, and saw many others on that 9(ish) mile loop including Lily Pad Lake, Governer Dern Lake, Rainbow Lake... Im certain Im missing one, maybe 2 others that we saw. Each Lake was more beautiful then the one before, and I could have sat longer at each one. Our last stop on that loop was an overlook that I simply can not describe. We were on top of the world. It was so incredible. We came back for a little nap, filled up on water, Josh 'bathed' in the lake, we soaked our feet, we talked about work, and our families, and we often times just sat in silence. We enjoyed dinner together that night, and went to explore Mohawk Lake. We sat for a while there as well. While you might think that it all looks the same each area we explored had it own characteristics, and it was incredible that you didnt have to go very far from lake to lake. The scenery changed constantly from forests to rock fields, to meadows, to lakes. It was so so so so amazing. Our second night after dinner and the fire died out we pulled our sleeping bags out of the tent and waited for the stars- we wandered over to betsy lake where we sat in total awe, and looked for constellations. we mosied back to our camp, and layed in our sleeping bags and watched shooting starts. WOW! thats I all i can say about that. It was a first for me, and it was so beautiful- What a perfect night- We changed our plans slightly and decided the next morning to hike out. Dont tell, its a secret. We drove down through Kamas, enjoyed an amazing burger and shake, drove the mirror lake scenic route and down through Evanston. We came back up through Park City, did a little shopping at the outlets and wandered main street. Ate at Blue Iguana, and slept, and snuggled in an amazingly comfortable hotel bed! I felt completely spoiled, and enjoyed every second I spent alone with my man. We hiked over 20 miles in one day less then we thought it would take us, enjoyed perfect weather, and even better company. I am one lucky gal- pictures exist. Just somewhere else.

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